Buyers Market or Sellers Market?

Whats does it mean to be a Austin Tx area buyer or seller market? Well to start with you look at the Austin Texas Home inventory.  How many Austin area homes are there currently active on the market compaired to how many  Austin homes have Sold in the past 12 months.  In a balanced market we would have about 6.5 months of inventory. That means if there were no more new Austin home listings, the Austin Area home inventory would last 6.5 months before the last Austin TX home was sold in a Balanced market. Today 2016, our Austin Texas homes for sale,  we have a inventory of about 1.9 months of supply that is a Austin  area sellers market.  If we had more than 6.5 months of Austin TX Home inventory then that would be a over supply and  then it would be a  Austin area Buyers market.  I am very experinced in both markets its important to work with a experineced agent who understands this.  Otherwise it could cost you THOUSANDS!!